The use of a Polycarbonate Sheet has seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to the material’s extensive list of benefits and versatile range of possible applications. Polycarbonate is a high-strength plastic first created commercially in the late 1950s. Due to its unique features that it has, polycarbonate started to use in a wide variety of industrial applications. The material is resistant to heat and has excellent electrical. 

It is possible to make the Polycarbonate Sheet as transparent as glass, contributing to the material’s widespread usage. Polycarbonate is favourable to many manufacturers because it is superior to glass in terms of both strength and weight.

Polycarbonate Sheet As An Ideal Roofing Material

Polycarbonate is a versatile material that may get used for a variety of purposes. The rise of polycarbonate gets attributed in large part to the material’s usefulness in roofing. Because of its cheap cost and excellent durability, polycarbonate roof panels often get used in the construction of both commercial and residential structures.

The Process Of Producing Polycarbonate Sheets

Manufacturing polycarbonate sheets gets accomplished by using injection moulding, structural foam moulding, vacuum forming, blow moulding, or extrusion. Following that step, Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers transform these sheets into roof panels. Polycarbonate sheets have their uses in a wide variety of roofing applications, including 

  • Industrial roof lights
  • Greenhouses
  • Conservatories
  • Covered walkways
  • Insulations
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Garden coverings
  • Power distribution units
  • Bus shelters etc. 

Polycarbonate Sheets Are Versatile Than Any Other Sheet! 

Polycarbonate allows us a great deal of versatility in product design. To serve different needs and preferences many kinds of polycarbonate roof panels are offered. The following is a list of the most common varieties of polycarbonate roof panels.

  • Solid sheets
  • Patterned sheets
  • Sheets with both Twinwall and Multiwall construction
  • Sheets of corrugated material

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using a Roof Made of Polycarbonate Sheets?

The use of polycarbonate as a roofing material is highly desired. On the other hand, every option comes with both positives and negatives. The only disadvantage associated with polycarbonate is that it is easily scratched. It can become scratched or even dented if it is not properly maintained. Hence maintaining this sheet is crucial. 

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