Turbo Air Ventilator: Energy-Efficient Ventilation for Industrial Buildings

Say goodbye to stagnant air, excess heat, and unpleasant odors in your industrial, commercial, or residential spaces.

Turbo Air Ventilator offers an excellent solution to improve indoor air quality, enhance thermal comfort, and promote energy efficiency.

Turbo Roof Ventilators are advanced rooftop ventilation devices designed to harness the power of the wind to efficiently exhaust stale air, fumes, heat, and moisture from enclosed spaces. These innovative devices utilize a combination of natural wind energy and centrifugal force to create a continuous airflow, without relying on electricity or other external power sources.

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How do Turbo Air Ventilators work?

The design of Wind Turbine Air Ventilators is simple yet highly effective. They consist of a series of specially designed vanes or fins, coupled with a precision-engineered rotor, all housed within a weather-resistant dome. As wind passes over the dome, it creates a pressure difference that drives the rotor to rotate. This rotational motion creates a powerful suction force, drawing out hot air, pollutants, and moisture from the building interior and expelling them into the atmosphere.

Angel Industries offers a premium line of Turbo Ventilators. We are one of the reputed Turbo Air Ventilator Suppliers in India, utilizing cutting-edge design principles to ensure optimal airflow and efficient wind capture. Our ventilators are constructed from durable, weatherproof materials like aluminum or stainless steel for long-lasting performance. Our ventilators are designed for simple and quick installation on most roof types.

As leading Turbo Air Ventilator Manufacturers in India, we are committed to providing our customers with superior ventilation solutions. We have complete control over the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards. Each ventilator undergoes thorough testing by our team of professionals before being shipped to you.

Our products are renowned for their exceptional features, durability, and performance, consistently exceeding customer expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our Roof Ventilators!



Industrial sheds


Domestic application, etc.


We design every aspect of a space with an attractive and unique feel



Saves Power


Economical to run

Environment friendly

Mechanically strong

Weather and stormproof

Assures Free air ventilation

Noise-free and leakage proof

Circulates fresh air for hours

Cools down the temperature

Made available in various sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a turbo air ventilator?

The purpose of a turbo air ventilator is to improve indoor air quality and reduce heat buildup by expelling hot air, smoke, fumes, and other pollutants from enclosed spaces such as factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings.

What is the working principle of a turbo air ventilator?

Turbo air ventilators utilize wind energy to create a pressure difference, drawing out stale air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. This is achieved through the design of vanes or blades that catch wind and induce airflow, facilitating ventilation without electricity.

What are turbo ventilator uses?

Turbo ventilators find applications in various industrial and commercial settings, including factories, warehouses, workshops, processing plants, agricultural facilities, parking garages, and even residential buildings where adequate ventilation is required.

How effective is a Turbo ventilator?

Turbo ventilators are highly effective in providing ventilation solutions, especially in areas with limited access to electricity or where traditional ventilation systems are impractical. They offer continuous airflow, are low maintenance, and can significantly improve indoor air quality and comfort levels.

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